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You can achieve the fashionable matt look with the Matt Finish Top Gel by Magnetic.


Matt Finish Top Gel has a medium viscosity but still comes in a bottle with a brush to make the application easy.


Matt Finish Top Gel has to cure 1 minute in the LED light and 2 minutes in the UV light.
Remove the sticky layer after curing.


Matt Finish Top Gel attaches to every surface; Gel, Acrylic, Gelpolish and the natural nail.


Matt Finish Top Gel is reasonably flexible and will not break easily.

UV Filter:

Matt Finish has a normal UV filter. When you use the Matt Finish over a light color you can choose to apply a layer of Soak Off Top Gel first. Then after curing apply a layer of Matt Finish. The Soak Off Top Gel will protect the color and the Matt Finish gives the matt look.

Mey’s Tip:

The use of creams and bodylotions can effect the matt look and make it shiny.
The matt look can be restored by cleaning the nail with a Nail Wipe and a little bit of Alcohol 70%.

Problems and causes:

Make sure that during the application you treat the whole nail inclusive the area near the cuticle.
This is difficult to see but if you don’t take care then you can get a shiny edge near the cuticle.
To prevent this from happening it is advisable to apply two thin layers of Matt Finish Top Gel.

If the Matt Finish discolors or starts to shine clean the surface with a nail wipe and Alcohol 70%.


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