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Magnetic Soak Off Top Gel 15ml

This 2 in 1 gel can be used as a base gel and as a top gel within the Gelpolish System. This gel can also be used separately to strengthen the natural nail, with a beautiful shine.
Soak Off Top Gel has a medium/low viscosity and therefore comes in a bottle with a brush. You apply the gel directly with the brush on the nail.
Soak Off Top Gel has to cure 30 seconds in the LED and 2 minutes in the UV. If you use the Soak Off Top Gel as a base, you can cure the base layer a little bit shorter. As a top layer let the gel cool down after you have taken the hand out of the lamp, before removing the sticky layer. This will help to enhance the shine.
Soak Off Top Gel adheres well onto every type of nail and onto every type of gel. If you use Soak Off Top Gel to seal Nail Art, then you can choose to apply a thin layer of Soft Bond Primer before applying the Soak Off Top Gel.
Soak Off Top Gel is a flexible gel that doesn’t crack easily.
UV filter:
Soak Off Top Gel contains a high level UV filter, making it extremely suitable over light colored Gelpolish. In the summer the top gel helps the Gelpolish to maintain its color better.
Mey’s Tip:
If you have natural nails that you would like to strengthen, then the Soak Off Top Gel is the best choice! A beautiful shine, easy to apply and because of the UV filter a good and clear result.
Problems and causes:
Shake or roll the bottle of Soak Off Top Gel between your hands regularly. So that the ingredients stay well mixed with each other. If the bottle has been standing still for awhile the ingredients can segregate. Resulting in dull patches or an overal dull end result. The gel can then also become poreus, making the gel discolor more quickly. Especially when wearing dark colored clothing or with the use of make-up.
If you use Soak Off Top Gel on the natural nail to strengthen it, apply at least 2 layers.

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